Hampshire boudoir phoptography Training, Consulting and Coaching by jules and sue porter

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Julian Porter is widely regarded as one of the top photographers in the Country and one of the top Boudoir phtographers in the world, during 2008 Julian started teaching boudoir photography to photographers from all over the UK, this year see's the launch of "École Boudoir" which will become one of the top photogarphy teaching websites available and will acompany Julian on his world tour, the first part of which is planned for 2011 as well as the launch of his first DVD "Boudoir 101: the art and science of the beautiful" which will launch in November 2010

Southampton School of Boudoir Photography , Boudoir DVD by Julian Porter

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Sexy, gorgeous, desirable. You’re all of that and more, and now you can prove it. To your husband, your boyfriend, your lover.

Intimate boudoir photography Training, Consulting and Coaching with Jules Porter is an experience you’ll remember for ever. With a glass of bubbly in your hand and visions of Marlene Dietrich in your head, you can relax as Julian and his wife, Sue, create stunning intimate portraits in satin and lace.

At our Southampton boudoir studio, the lighting’s soft, the atmosphere’s creative and sensual, and the professional make-up artist is there for as long as you want her. Take your time − beauty is best when unhurried.

You’ll want to do this because it’s his birthday. Because it’s your birthday. Because it’s Valentine’s Day. Because you love him. Because you’re a new you. Or just because.

When the shoot’s over and the lace is back in its box, you’ll even get a VIP card that gives you and your friends 10% off all future shoots.

Julian and Sue are among the most sought-after boudoir photographers in the South of England. Do the shoot alone, as a couple, as a hen-party group, on a gift voucher, for a wedding surprise.

But the real surprise is that, no matter how luscious you look, how fabulous you feel, it’s your personality that shines through. He’ll see you in a whole new light.

And where that takes you is entirely up to you.

Southampton, Hampshire Wedding and Portrait and Boudoir photographer

Hampshire Boudoir Photography Training, Consulting and Coaching

Hampshire boudoir photographer Training, Consulting and Coaching

hampshire boudoir Training, Consulting and Coaching

Julian Porter is a high-end wedding and portrait and Boudoir photographer serving all areas of Hampshire, including Southampton. He also caters to locations in and around Berkshire, Dorset, Hants, Wiltshire, Surrey, Sussex, Portsmouth, Rhinefield, New Forest, London. As a wedding and Boudoir photographer in Hampshire he shoots weddings in the following prestigious wedding venues:

Rhinefield House, Elvetham, Chewton Glen, Cain Manor, HMS Warrior, Highfield Park, Stanwell House Hotel, Langrish House Hotel, Silchester House, Heckfield Place, New Place, New Park, Manor, Bury Court Barn, Wentworth Club, Marwell Hotel, Botley Grange, Chilworth Manor, Careys Manor Hotel, Stanstead House, Mottisfont Abbey, Avington Park, Beauberry House,

Julian's style of wedding photography spans the ranges of reportage, photojournalism and documentary. He mixes this with a natural and artistic style of portrait photography.

Please enjoy the beautiful and quality Boudoir photography of Julian Porter.

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